Manuela Nelli

Email :
Phone : +39 50 593 331
Address: CNUCE-CNR, Via S. Maria 36, 56126 Pisa, Italy
Dept : Models & Methods
Home Phone :+39 564 565443
Home Address : Via Mazzini 95, I-58036 Roccastrada (GR), Italy
Title : Engineer
BirthDay : January 12

Manuela was born in Roccastrada (GR). She Manuela Nelli graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Pisa in 1995, working on a thesis in cooperation with CNUCE-CNR. In 1995 she joined CNUCE working in various research projects including the ESPRIT 20718 GUARDS (Generic Upgradable Architecture for Real-time Dependable Systems). Her current research interests include the design of dependable computing systems and particularly the analytical modelling and evaluation of dependability attributes applied to real complex computer systems. 
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