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Kemal Delic

Email : delic@iei.pi.cnr.it
Phone : +39 50 593 432
Fax : +39 50 554 342
Address: IEI-CNR, Via S. Maria 46, 56126 Pisa, Italy
Dept : System Architectures

Home Phone :
Home Address : None

Title : Visiting Researcher
BirthDay : Happy

...ancient code-writer -- anyone around still knows for pdp-11,rsx-11m,macro-11 ? -- three major good products are in my CV ... member of the LERT Research Labs, Faculty of EE, University of Sarajevo...wrote some papers/articles...one book...main interests in: real-time process control, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition...yes, I have survived 26 months in Sarajevo...Dina was born there ...saved by SHIP...from time to time writing for IEEE-Spectrum The Institute TInet Report...Sample.ps.sit.hqx...being convinced that BELIEF networks are coming soon to support our modeling efforts ...
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