Multiple Phased Systems (MPS)

Multiple Phased Systems (MPS) constitute a quite general class of systems including Phased Mission Systems (PMS) and Scheduled Maintenance Systems (SMS). Research on modeling and evaluation of MPSs is going on from several years, with output both in theoretical results and in the development of a specific tool.

We started proposing a hierarchical, modular methodology for the modeling & evaluation of phased-mission systems, characterized by separate modeling & resolution of phases & of dependencies among phases. By taking advantage of the special structure of phased mission systems, we developed an analytical solution technique, based on Markov Regenerative Stochastic Petri Nets, having a low computational complexity, basically dominated by the cost of the separate analysis of each phase.

These theoretical results are being applied in the DEEM software package, a computational efficient tool for model-based evaluation of dependability attributes of MPSs. The current version of DEEM, although not yet fully incorporating the developed theoretical results, has been successfully employed in support to the definition and evaluation of maintenance policies of management data bases in commercial wireless communications systems , and of control systems of nuclear power plants. Further activity is planned on both extending the features of the DEEM tool, and on applying DEEM to dependability evaluation in pertinent application fields.

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