Mechanisms for fault-tolerant systems

Research in this field is long-dated, being the activity of the group rooted in the field. Recent activities focused on i) management of transient faults through a threshold based approach, with the aim at improving the availability of a system as well as its efficiency, and ii) on-line restoration of a correct state in a component belonging to an N-modular structure. Both studies have produced solutions, (partly) implemented in the GUARDS prototyping architecture (developed in the framework of the homonym project). Currently, the feasibility issues that must be addressed when threshold-based mechanisms are to be used for diagnostic purposes in COTS-based distributed systems are under investigation.

Research on mechanisms for fault-tolerance will be of interest of the group in the next years, especially in the context of embedded systems. The dependability program for the next European FP6, still under definition and to which our group is actively contributing, is expected to include such themes.

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