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Conferences Organization and Editorial Activities

The group is active in conferences organization; the roles of General Chair, Program Committee Chair, Program Committee Member, Publication Chair, Web Submission Assistant have been and are currently covered by the group for a number of international conferences in the dependability field. The list of the most recent involvements include:

People of the lab do reviews for all leading dependability journals/conferences (IEEE TC, IEEE TR, IEEE DSN, IEEE SRDS, EDCC, IEEE ISADS, etc..)

Recent editorial activities include the role of Guest Co-Editor for the IEEE-TC Special Issue on “Distributed Reliable Systems”, expected by February 2003.


The group is being developing DEEM, a tool for the dependability modeling and evaluation of Multiple Phased Systems (MPS). The methodology supported by DEEM relies upon Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets (DSPN) as the modeling tool and on Markov Regenerative Processes (MRGP) for the model solution. Due to their high expressiveness, DSPN models are able to cope with the dynamic structure of MPS, and allow defining very concise models. DEEM models are solved with a very simple and computationally efficient analytical solution technique based on the separability of the MRGP underlying the DSPN of a MPS. Through a Graphical User Interface (GUI), DEEM provides a general modeling scheme in which two logically separate parts are used to represent MPS models. One is the System Net (SN), which represents the failure/repair behavior of system components, and the other is the Phase Net (PhN), which represents the execution of the various phases. The current version of the tool runs under Linux (PowerPC and Pentium class) workstations.

In addition to DEEM, the group has acquired a number of other tools for dependability evaluation, among those available for academic entities (e.g., UltraSAN, Surf, Time Net). The expertise matured in using such tools allows us to select the most appropriate one in accordance with the specific case study under analysis.


Besides the external collaborators who are professors at the university of Pisa and Florence, other people in the group are involved in teaching activities. Among the recently taught courses we mention:

Professional Associations

IEEE Computer Society Member; Founder Member of IFIP W.G. 10.4, Chairman of AICA WG on “Dependability of Computing Systems”, Chair of the CINI Group on “Embedded Systems”.

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